What Happens To Our Body When We Take Collagen?

What Happens To Our Body When We Take Collagen?

There are so many myths out there about collagen - what it does, how it works, why you need it and how much you should be taking. If you’re on our blog today, then it’s likely that you’re already taking collagen or are thinking about adding one of the best collagen supplements to your daily regime. If so, then you’re probably also curious about what happens to our body when we start to take more collagen. Let’s discover the top 6 benefits of taking a regular collagen supplement. 

The Truth About Collagen; The Top 6 Benefits Of Collagen 

Benefits of Collagen for Skin


You probably already know this but we’re going to repeat it anyway as it’s worth remembering. 

As early as in our 20s we start to lose collagen. By the time we reach 30 we could already have lost as much as 10% of our collagen production and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it just goes downhill from there.

If you’re sitting thinking, so what? Well, ask yourself this. Do you want to have smoother, dewier, plumper and fresher looking skin? Or are you ready to embrace those wrinkles and crow's feet, sagging jowls and crepey, dehydrated skin? 

Most of us yearn for the fresh and radiant looks of our youth. It helps us to feel more confident and relevant in a world where a youthful concept of beauty is peddled by the media. So if we told you that by taking a collagen supplement you could quickly, easily and naturally top up your collagen reserves, wouldn’t you want to give it a go? We thought so! 

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Benefits of Collagen for Hair


Just in case you’re not convinced by the skin benefits of collagen alone, what if we told you that by taking a premium collagen supplement, you could also improve the strength and quality of your hair? Hair isn’t called our crowning glory for nothing. As with our skin, the better our hair feels, the more confident we feel.

By taking a collagen supplement like Reverse Life marine collagen drink, especially now that we’ve added biotin for stronger hair and nails to our new and improved formula, you will notice hair appears fuller, shinier and that it grows quicker too. 

The combination of collagen and biotin is a double whammy and an excellent short cut to experiencing more luscious locks. If hair loss is a concern for you, then why not check out our Blog: How Can I Stimulate Hair Growth and Reverse Hair Loss?

Benefits of Collagen for Nails


We mentioned biotin above. Taken in conjunction with collagen, biotin doesn’t just have a beneficial effect on hair strength and length but also on our nails. 

Did you know that our nails contain collagen? It’s the most abundant structural protein in the body and when we lose collagen, it’s not just the skin that starts to sag. 

Our hair weakens and can snap off and our nails can become more brittle and prone to breakage. If you’ve ever worn false nails, or had shellac treatments, then you’ll no doubt have suffered paper thin nails as a result. It’s no joke and it can take months to repair the damage. By adding a high strength collagen supplement into your diet, you will quickly notice that your nails grow back stronger and longer than ever before. 

It’s another one of the amazing 6 beauty benefits of taking collagen. 

Benefits of Collagen for Joints


For those of you less bothered about the beauty benefits of collagen. Perhaps you are sitting there thinking, but I don’t mind looking older? I’d rather feel younger than look younger. Well, we’ve got great news for you. 

It’s an inevitable fact that as we age, our joints become stiffer, our flexibility and mobility is impacted and we start to experience more pain. Previously you might have been able to easily bend down and touch your toes. However, these days, you might be lucky to get as far as your knees! OK, so not everyone wants to be able to do the splits! Although kudos to you if you can. But what you probably do want is to get out of bed and down the stairs in the morning without being in too much pain.

You might be wondering what collagen has to do with all that?

Your joints are protected by something called cartilage and collagen has a big part to play in maintaining the integrity of cartilage. Many Reverse Life customers have reported a significant decrease in joint pain after taking our high strength 10,000mg marine collagen formula. 

Here’s what a few happy customers had to say about the positive impact taking collagen has had on conditions like osteoarthritis. For many, taking collagen has been nothing short of life changing.


If you could get out of bed pain free in the morning, what price would you put on that freedom and flexibility? 


Benefits of Collagen for Bones


So far we’ve talked about the skin, hair, nails and joint benefits of taking the best collagen supplements. We’re moving on next to look at our bones. Yes, collagen can also be found in bones. Why do you think that bone broth is so popular these days? It's not because it tastes delicious and is easy to prepare, we can tell you that much! Have you ever tried to make bone broth? Let’s just say that taking a collagen supplement is far easier and requires much less time and energy. But what they both have in common is that they contain collagen. 

Collagen is what helps bones to maintain their structure. Think of your bones like the scaffolding holding your body upright. Would you prefer that scaffolding to be made of steel or a brittle material that easily breaks?

Sadly, as we age, our bone density decreases and this means that we’re at higher risk of bone fractures and conditions such as osteoporosis. It’s a particular concern for menopausal women. The great news is that by supplementing the body with a liquid collagen drink like Reverse Life, you can inhibit bone breakdown and even improve bone mineral density. That’s great news for men and women everywhere who want to grow old feeling the very best version of themselves. 

Benefits of Collagen for Muscles


Finally, let’s take a look at the positive benefits of taking collagen for your muscles. 

Of our muscle tissues, anywhere between 1-10% is composed of collagen protein. Protein is needed to maintain a healthy muscle mass which is especially important as we age, or if we are on a restrictive diet and begin to lose muscle mass. While strength training can help you build extra muscle, so too can feeding your body with a good quality source of protein. 

Research indicates that a high quality collagen supplement can help increase muscle growth and strength. Add to this the fact that Reverse Life marine collagen also contains 9g of protein and you are well on your way to topping up that protein quota. 

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These are just six of the top benefits of taking collagen and what can happen to our body when we do take collagen regularly. It’s easy to see why taking collagen is the smart choice for men and women of all ages. Make sure to discover our best collagen deals today.