How Can I Stimulate Hair Growth and Reverse Hair Loss?

How Can I Stimulate Hair Growth and Reverse Hair Loss?

Thinning hair, localised bald spots. They’re no joke and can really affect our confidence levels and how we feel about ourselves. Our hair, after all, isn’t referred to as our crowning glory for nothing. Hair loss isn’t just something that affects middle aged men either. It’s a common issue that affects both men and women. Stress levels and anxiety may be contributing to sudden unwanted hair loss and sadly, the more you stress, the more likely it is that your cortisol levels will increase. Which guess what? Will result in even more hair shedding. 

While hair follicle transplants are becoming more popular, this is still a very expensive and uncomfortable procedure which entails a serious amount of downtime. 

Wearing a hat for the rest of your life to cover up your thinning hairline isn’t the answer either! So what is? How can you stimulate hair growth and reverse the onset of hair loss the natural way?

Well we’re glad you asked, because that’s exactly the topic we’re covering off today. And the answer might just be a vitamin called Biotin, something that you can find in our Reverse Life marine collagen supplement.  


The Health Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is quite the buzz word in the hair and beauty industry. But what is it and why does our body need it? Let’s discover more about this essential vitamin.

Biotin is a B vitamin and is most commonly associated with hair growth and nail strength. A biotin deficiency (which is very uncommon) has been linked to hair thinning, brittle nails, dry skin and even conjunctivitis. So does it make sense to top up on biotin rich foods (or take a daily supplement that includes this ingredient) to try and reverse any deficiency?

While there isn’t a huge amount of definitive medical data to support a link between biotin supplements and increased hair growth, we do know that nutritional science has a large part to play these days in overall wellbeing. Botanical supplements and herbal preparations are popular alternatives and biotin has been dubbed “hair food” because one of the effects seen more often with regular daily consumption is an increased rate of hair growth. 

Trichologists seem to agree that biotin can help hair to grow stronger and possibly thicker too. If hair is stronger, then it’s less likely to break, which protects the length. So while biotin might not stop hair thinning, stronger hair is definitely healthier hair. 

Top 10 Biotin Rich Foods


If you’re looking to get more biotin into your diet naturally then you should include the following food sources. We’ve provided how much biotin in micrograms per 100 grams they include:

  1. Cooked egg yolk (53)
  2. Oats (27)
  3. Wheat germ (17)
  4. White mushrooms (16)
  5. Spinach (6.9)
  6. Brie (6.2)
  7. Milk (3.5)
  8. Pork (5.0)
  9. Carrot (5.0)
  10. Apple (4.5)

Looks like the list of ingredients for quite a tasty breakfast omelette. Wash that down with a 25ml daily capful of Reverse Life marine collagen, which contains 50 mcg of biotin per serving, and you could be giving your health, and your hair a helping hand. As a bonus, taking biotin might also help thicken patchy eyebrows too. But don’t worry! Before you panic that you’re about to grow a beard or the hair on your legs and underarms go into overdrive….it won’t! Unlike the hair on our head, the hair elsewhere on the body receives a molecular signal, meaning it will only ever grow to a certain length. 

As with most supplements, it is worth noting that you won’t see results overnight. You need to get into a consistent daily habit. So why not grab a bottle of Reverse Life marine collagen today? With 20 servings per bottle, you should begin to see results after 14 days. Plenty of time for you to reorder before you run out. After all, consistency is key to not only seeing, but maintaining results.