12 Scientifically Backed Benefits Of Taking Hyaluronic Acid

12 Scientifically Backed Benefits Of Taking Hyaluronic Acid

If you love your skincare then you’ll no doubt be familiar with this little magic ingredient. 

Hyaluronic acid is adored by the beauty industry. Many claim that it’s the elixir of youth, providing unparalleled levels of skin hydration for that gorgeous lit from within glow. Hyaluronic acid is the skincare ingredient to look out for in your topical lotions. No respectable bathroom shelfie is complete without it.

But did you know that you can drink the stuff! It also belongs in your fridge. In fact, the legit benefits of taking Hyaluronic acid are far more than just skin hydration. Little wonder then that this fountain of youth is also found in our Reverse Life marine collagen beauty supplement. The pair go together like gin and tonic, ice and a slice, bread and butter! You get the picture! They’re the perfect powerhouse combination.


Combine the two together and what you have is a killer cocktail  that will not only improve skin hydration but also help with joints, eyes and bones and more besides. 

So there was no way we were making the best high-strength marine collagen drink on the market without adding this baby! 

Hyaluronic acid is what we like to call a superhero ingredient. But why? Is there any scientific evidence to support its benefits? Well let’s delve in and find out.

12 Scientifically Back Benefits Of Taking Hyaluronic Acid

Specifically when it comes to it’s skin loving benefits, Hyaluronic acid can assist in a multitude of ways:

  • Increased moisture levels
  • Smoothing texture
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing acne scars
  • Minimising skin redness
  • Conditioning the scalp

But as hinted at above, Hyaluronic acid can also benefit your overall health, especially when taken in a digestible format, like in our Reverse Life high-strength marine collagen supplement. It has a beneficial effect on:

  • Soothing acid reflux
  • Relieving aching bones and joints
  • Speeding up wound healing
  • Relief from dry eye syndrome
  • Preservation of stronger bones
  • Prevention of bladder pain

That’s why it’s such an effective supplement for anyone going through the menopause and when combined with collagen, as it is in our new formula, it can be hugely beneficial and provide daily relief from a host of common issues associated with being peri and menopausal, one of the biggest ones being skin dryness.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Just like collagen, Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that’s found in the body, especially in the skin, joints, eyes and tissues. And while collagen is credited with plumping the skin from within, it’s hyaluronic acid that provides skin’s moisture and hydration. Hence why it’s such a popular beauty ingredient.

What Are the Different Forms of Hyaluronic Acid?

Just like collagen, which you can take in tablet, powder, sachet or as a drink, Hyaluronic acid is available in multiple forms, which include serums applied topically to the skin, injectables administered into the skin’s dermis and oral supplements which include beauty drinks like Reverse Life’s high-quality marine collagen formula. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are searching for a multi-tasking beauty product that can address your anti-ageing concerns while at the same time reducing conditions like acne and eczema PLUS contribute to overall more dewy, firmer and moisturised skin, then you need to include Hyaluronic acid in either your skincare regime or better still, your daily diet. 

A quick daily shot of Reverse Life, combining our high strength 10,000 mg marine collagen formula alongside 50mg of Hyaluronic acid will help plump and hydrate your body from within, renewing you from head to toe. And when we say head to toe we really do mean it. From conditioning your scalp, all the way down to combatting the dry soles of your feet. Collagen and Hyaluronic is a powerful combination that’s quite frankly, hard to beat! 

So if your skin is thirsty for moisture and you want to tackle skin dehydration and ageing, reach for Hyaluronic acid and get ready to reveal smoother skin texture and a more supple and firmer complexion. 

Didn’t we tell you this stuff had superhero powers!