What Are The Benefits Of Collagen For Men?

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen For Men?

Think that collagen is just for the women out there reading this blog? Think again! 

While the benefits of collagen for glowing skin and a more youthful appearance are well documented, collagen does have numerous benefits throughout the body, especially when it comes to places like your digestive system, muscles and joints and (a topic of hot conversation) your hair.

If you are a man, or you have a partner at home who could benefit from a little extra help in the hair growth or anti-ageing department, then collagen might well be the answer. 

You might be surprised to discover that collagen is a tried, tested and all natural solution, proven to help men, not just women, address their ageing concerns! 

5 Reasons Men Need Collagen

Let’s keep it simple. If you want to retain that thick head of manly hair the natural way, reduce the onset of joint pain and keep up with the younger lads at work, collagen could be your little secret to looking and feeling “fitter”. 

Reverse Life high strength marine collagen with 9.6 grams of added protein to support muscle growth is, in our opinion, the only collagen for men you’ll ever need. Actually, it’s not just in our opinion either. As a certified NHS Partner, Reverse Life is more than marketing hype and really does deliver the good stuff, especially when it comes to protecting a man’s crowning glory! 

REVEALING -  Top 5 Reasons Why Men Need Collagen


What Does Collagen Do To Your Hair?

Collagen is an all natural solution that can help not only treat hair loss but so much more besides. 

Over time, hair follicles begin to shrink until eventually, they stop producing hair completely. It can start as early as just 21. So it’s never too soon to supplement your diet with a high strength collagen supplement.


For many men (and women too) this can lead to a severe lack of confidence. After all, we associate full and thick hair with a more youthful appearance.

What if we told you that you could reverse the biological clock, nourish hair follicles and look forward to healthier looking hair in as little as 20 days? Wouldn’t you want to give it a go?

In Reverse Life’s clinical trial, 77% said hair looked healthier in just 20 days

Hair loss is unfortunately hereditary but the great news is that it can be slowed down. Quite often, by the time you’ve noticed that bald spot, it’s already too late. So the key is of course, PREVENTION!


Stronger, thicker, more robust hair is dependent upon the integrity of your hair follicles. By supporting and feeding the hair follicles with the nutrients they need, you can slow down hair loss so that male pattern baldness appears far less noticeable. 

What Type Of Collagen Is Good For Men’s Hair?


If you’re concerned that your hair is starting to thin on top, or you’re suffering from a receding hairline, you could benefit from a collagen supplement. 

As we said earlier, prevention is your best line of defense in the war against thinning hair. And marine collagen with added biotin and protein is the answer.

It’s the beauty industry hack that the big brands don’t want you to know about! 

Collagen, Biotin and Protein are all powerfully combined in Reverse Life’s unique formulation making this the ideal type of collagen for men. 

Collagen - is a natural protein which is abundant in our bodies. Natural collagen creation slows down from the age of 20. You can boost your natural collagen by drinking Reverse life high-strength marine collagen to help put the brakes on that receding hairline.

Protein - a building block and essential nutrient, vital for growth and repair of muscles and body tissues, including repair of skin bones and yes, hair.

Biotin - is a B vitamin and commonly associated with nail as well as hair strength. Dubbed as “hair food” by many trichologists, they agree that Biotin can help hair grow stronger. 

You can read more about the importance of Biotin in this BLOG.

Are you ready to start feeding your hair the nutrients it needs and help prevent, and in some cases even reverse, unwanted hair loss? Discover Reverse Life Marine Collagen.


How Long Does It Take Collagen Supplements For Men To Work?

Just one capful daily for a consistent 20 days delivers results you will see and also feel from the inside out. But not just that. Other people will notice too which can be a real confidence booster. 

Toss that baseball cap aside and face the world, head held high, embracing your new found hairline and virile energy! Collagen for men really does work. 

Final Thoughts: What Is The Best Collagen For Men?

Men can boost their natural collagen by drinking Reverse Life collagen, a high-strength marine collagen with the added benefits of Biotin and Protein to help put the brakes on that unwanted receding hairline. Available in the convenience of a daily liquid capful, it’s super easy to incorporate into your morning routine and can even be thrown into a breakfast smoothie or give a powerful boost to your regular pre or post workout protein shake. 

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Discover today how Reverse Life Marine Collagen, containing 9 grams of protein to help support increased muscle mass, can help beat hair loss, even after 40! Get ready to turn heads with stronger, more resilient hair and protect your crowning glory the natural way. TODAY!