Why Too Much Sugar Is Making You Look Older!

Why Too Much Sugar Is Making You Look Older!

There is a very real link between sugar consumption and the breakdown of skin collagen. Read on to find out more about why you should break off your toxic relationship with sugar, and more on why our collagen is perfect for a diabetic diet. 

Many of us are guilty of treating ourselves to a sweet sugary snack during the day, or adding in a teaspoon or two of sugar into our cuppa. But it’s important to take note of how much sugar you are consuming, and the  harmful effects it can have on the body.


What can too much sugar do to your body?


You probably already know that sugar can be an enemy to your waistline. It’s also the  leading cause of tooth decay. But more dangerously, it can also lead to a fatty liver, a weaker immune system and increased inflammation.

Did you know that too much sugar can also contribute towards the formation of unwanted wrinkles? *Quickly puts down our daily jam doughnut*

Now, there’s no need to worry about what you’re going to do without your favourite sweet snack. There are plenty of healthier alternatives! (We can hear the internal cries and we feel you). 

But if the health risks aren’t enough to scare you, think about your poor skin and how sugar can visibly make you look as you get older. Yes, those deep wrinkles really are related to a lifetime of enjoying sugary snacks.

Sugar and collagen loss


At Reverse Life, we’re all about slowing down the effects of ageing by boosting your collagen intake. Collagen helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate hair, strengthen nails, and even ease joint pain. But if you’ve got a high intake of sugar in your diet you could be counteracting its effect and un-doing all the good work you’re putting into looking good!

What’s the point in filling your skin up with all that good collagen if you’re going to fight against it with sugar?!

The presence of excess glucose, attributed to a diet high in sugar, forms something that’s known as AGEs (see what we did there?) 

This stands for advanced glycosylation end products. We won’t get too scientific on you but let’s just say that AGEs... age you. They contribute towards a loss of collagen flexibility and strength which, you got it, leads to saggy and wrinkly skin.

Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to make sure you slow down this process and counteract the effects of a high sugar diet. 

  1. Cut down the amount of sugar you’re including in your diet. Replace free sugars with natural sugars and flavourings from fruit and fruit juice for example
  2. Start including more collagen in your diet. You can find out here how to boost your collagen intake 
  3. Try Reverse Life high-strength marine collagen - just check out our daily deals.


At Reverse Life we listened to our customer feedback. Removing the sugar content was something that came up time and time again, especially from our diabetic customers.  We’ve had a sugar free formula for quite a while now and it’s proving to be incredibly popular! Our new formula caters not just to a diabetic diet but it is also keto-friendly. 

How can collagen help diabetics?

Collagen is a terrific source of protein, and it’s a great way for Diabetics to get protein into their diet without having any blood sugar impact. It can help improve overall health as well as contribute towards better  digestion. 

At Reverse Life we’ve had some wonderful reviews from diabetic customers who are delighted they can now take our high-strength liquid collagen supplements. Others have noticed a positive increase in their energy levels. 

Just take a look below at a few of many wonderful reviews left by our diabetic customers! 


Are you interested in trying out some low-sugar recipes? Check out our Keto-Approved Smoothie!

Don’t forget to shop our daily collagen deals and remember to keep a careful track on how much sugar you are consuming, especially if you want to keep those wrinkles at bay!