What Is Peptan® Collagen And Why Is It So Advanced?

What Is Peptan®  Collagen And Why Is It So Advanced?

Here at Reverse Life we are continually striving to research, manufacture and deliver the most advanced and effective wellbeing products, clinically proven to deliver unique benefits from within for beautiful skin. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with one of the most respected collagen manufacturers in the world, to bring you our collagen peptides supplement containing Peptan®.

Wanting to look good is nothing new! 

The beauty industry goes back to the Ancient Egyptians. Little did they know back then that their love of beauty would develop into a $250 billion global market! 

As scientific breakthroughs have met new beauty industry innovations, and the consumer has become both more savvy and aware, so have the products we spend our money on increased in quality and quantity. 

Men and women are turning to non-invasive and effectives methods to boost their beauty and Peptan® collagen just so happens to be one of the most reliable and results driven anti-ageing ingredients. 

Collagen Peptides for Skin Radiance


Beautiful and radiant skin on the outside requires structural support on the inside. A key component to younger looking and more youthful skin is Peptan® collagen peptides. 

Frequently referred to as “Beauty from Within”, nutritional supplements and nutricosmetics are a booming economy. More and more beauty conscious consumers are turning to these nutricosmetic solutions, like Reverse Life high strength Peptan® collagen, to support the structure of their skin from the inside out. 

Peptan® Collagen; the Science Behind Beautiful Skin


It all begins with a healthy foundation

Collagen is the main structural element of the skin and is responsible for helping it remain firm, toned and supple. Collagen’s role is to support that structure, almost like invisible scaffolding. It creates a network which anchors the layers of the skin to create a supportive base for other components, such as elastin, to lock in moisture for skin plumpness and elasticity.  

What happens to collagen fibres as we age?

They go into decline as collagen synthesis slows down. Collagen is hindered by its own ageing process. It becomes more and more fragmented which makes the skin appear tougher and dehydrated. It also lacks the ability to effectively bind with water which increases the appearance of dry, ageing skin. 

The role of Peptan® collagen peptides

Extensive global research has shown that Peptan® collagen is incredibly effective when it comes to supporting skin structure in order to stimulate new collagen production. Not only does it have a visible anti-ageing effect, it also moisturises the skin’s surface. 

  • Collagen peptides deliver smoother skin
  • Collagen peptides increase skin hydration
  • Collagen peptides help restructure the skin and decrease collagen fragmentation
  • Peptan® collagen leads to increased skin firmness and elasticity
  • Peptan® collagen can significantly improve skin dryness

Functional Benefits of Peptan® Collagen 


Besides all the above skin-loving benefits, Peptan® collagen is also an innovative ingredient with a host of other functional benefits. With a neutral taste and being odour free, preservative free and additive free, it's the perfect base ingredient for most collagen products.

Peptan® collagen is instantly soluble and 100% natural which means it can be used in anything and everything from powdered drinks to tablets, bars and gummy sweets to liquid beauty beverages. 

There’s little wonder that we use Peptan® collagen in our best-selling, high-strength supplement. If you’ve not yet discovered the benefits for yourself, why not shop today’s special Peptan® collagen deals.