Try this collagen cocktail and say hello to younger looking skin in 2022!

Try this collagen cocktail and say hello to younger looking skin in 2022!

Is collagen the secret to younger looking skin in 2022 or not worth the investment?

Christmas is over and you’ve most likely gained a few pounds and possibly a few more wrinkles! Let’s face it, spending all that time with the family can be stressful! Add a diet that’s high in sugar (yes we’re talking all those chocolates and drinking alcohol at midday) and you’re likely to be looking a tad worse for wear about now!

Could a daily shot of liquid collagen be the beauty elixir you’ve been searching for?

And just how effective is collagen at improving your skin?


What is collagen?


For those of you new around here, collagen is nothing more complicated than a naturally occurring protein found throughout the human body. It's present in just about everything including skin tissue, bones, cartilage and muscles.

It’s what provides us with skin elasticity, crucial in helping the skin look more supple = younger and fresher.

Once it goes into decline, things start to slip, faster than those new years resolutions you're about to make!

Why do we need to supplement our natural collagen levels?


Basically, even as early as our 20s, our natural collagen levels begin to deplete. It’s an even grimmer picture for women of a certain age. By the time most women have reached the age of 50, they’ve lost a staggering 50% of all their natural collagen.

Throw into the equation a life (not just a Christmas) well lived, drinking, eating, enjoying the sunshine plus the negative effect genetics, hormones and stress can have, and there’s little wonder you’re starting to look like one of Snow White’s seven dwarves. You’re feeling dopey and looking droopy!

While sunscreen can help, as too can a healthy balanced diet, could a high-strength collagen drink be the answer to protect against prematurely dropping collagen levels?

How do collagen drinks work?


Simply put, collagen drinks, like Reverse Life marine collagen, are designed to “top-up” natural collagen levels and with any luck, work their magic by continuing to plump the skin before your collagen reserves before collagen depletion begins.

Collagen drinks, unlike collagen injections, don’t go directly to the dermis, but rather they’re safely ingested into the body where the peptides act as a feedback mechanism, signalling to your body to trigger producing more natural collagen of its own.

By combining your collagen drink with Hyaluronic acid (which acts like a sponge to retain moisture) more elastic is produced which in conjunction with enhanced hydration, helps skin look, feel and act younger.

It’s one of the reasons why, alongside high-strength marine collagen peptides, you’ll also find hydration boosting hyaluronic acid in the Reverse Life advanced formula. 


Does collagen drink actually work?

Well that depends on the strength of collagen in the formula you’re taking.

According to many experts in the field, you need to be ingesting at least 6,000mg of collagen peptides daily to trigger what’s known as fibroblast activity in the dermis - by that we mean for the process of new collagen production to start.

It’s one of the reasons why Reverse Life provides 10,000mg of quality marine collagen peptides to compensate for any shortfall in absorption your body might suffer with during the digestion process. Anything less and quite frankly, you are wasting your money and are unlikely to see any results.

So yes, the secret to younger looking skin in 2022 could be collagen for you, but you need to invest wisely in a high-strength formula that delivers results.

Try this champagne collagen cocktail


Just for a bit of fun to say hello to the New Year and bid adieu to the old one, how about this tasty little collagen cocktail to see 2021 off with a pop?

You’ve heard of a Kir Royale... that classic twist on a champagne cocktail with a dash of creme de cassis.

Well what about a Reverse Life Berrylicious Champagne Collagen cocktail? 


  • 1 shot of Reverse Life marine collagen
  • Champagne (or Prosecco if you prefer)
  • Frozen berries for garnish


Step 1 - Pour a pre-measured shot of Reverse Life into the bottom of your champagne flute

Step 2 - Top with chilled champagne

Step 3 - Garnish with fresh frozen berries

With less than 150 calories a serving, it’s a delightful way to get the party (and your younger looking skin routine) started.  A deliciously decadent but also delightfully refreshing way to finish off 2021 and usher in 2022.

Enjoy (responsibly!)
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from the team at Reverse Life.
Cheers and to your health, wealth and happiness in 2022.


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