The Importance of Mindfulness - What Is It And How Can You Master It in 2022

The Importance of Mindfulness - What Is It And How Can You Master It in 2022

Don’t be blue! We got you!

How’s 2022 started out for you all? 

There are so many funny memes flying around. We can’t decide which ones are the most appropriate…we’re stuck somewhere between still writing our New Year's resolutions and trying to finalise our tax return. DOH! Who else leaves completing their return until the last minute…..every….single….year!

Talking of struggling with setting goals and resolutions…

Did you know that 80% of people who set “losing weight” as their New Year’s Resolution fall flat on their face! 

Only 2 out of 10 of you will lose just one pound or more. Sounds depressing right? Wrong!

It’s all about a healthy mindset, to match a healthy metabolism. 

Your body is like your bank balance - it’s constantly fluctuating depending upon how much you deposit “in” and take out! 

Stop putting pressure on yourself and instead focus on taking really good care of yourself. How about making that your main goal in 2022? Rather than fixating on numbers, think about how you want to “feel” instead.

Today we’re delving into the top topic that is…..MINDFULNESS


It’s a term that keeps coming up, especially at this time of year.

  • Be more mindful
  • Be more present 
  • Live in the moment

    It sounds so easy! But let’s face it, who hasn’t found themselves daydreaming about this year's holiday, especially when they are supposed to be completing that tax return!

    I bet right now you are thinking ahead to warmer climates, sunnier days and the sensation of sand between your toes! Ah, bliss!

    From Mallorca to the Maldives, Turkey to Thailand, let’s hope we can all travel more this year. 

  • For those of you who are maybe feeling a bit S.A.D, we’ve put together

    Top 10 Tips to Beat The January Blues


    1. Get outside. Make the most of any daylight - it will definitely boost your mood
    2. Exercise. Doesn’t need to be strenuous. A brisk walk with friends will boost those endorphins
    3. Eat well. Feeling down is linked to a poor diet so top up on lots of fruit and vegetables
    4. Sleep. Poor sleep has a negative impact on mental health so try and grab 6-8 hours to recharge your batteries
    5. Journal it. Stuff on your mind weighing you down? Put pen to paper and identify what’s worrying you
    6. Read a book. Get lost in a new novel or listen to your favourite podcast. It’s all about escaping for a moment
    7. Be kind to yourself. Don’t set unrealistic expectations, or resolutions, that you just know you can’t keep
    8. Take time away from your tech. Give yourself a little digital detox
    9. Get a new hobby. Always fancied learning a new language? Maybe knitting is your thing? Or you want to dance the jive! Doesn’t matter what it is - learning something new a is a great way to feel good about yourself, build your confidence and maybe make some new friends too
    10. Take your collagen! Looking and feeling great is an inside job! So start by looking after your mental and physical wellbeing and commit to taking that daily collagen shot

    Talking about taking your collagen…

    Looking for a new way to incorporate your daily shot of marine collagen into your diet that also doubles up as a nutrition breakfast? Check out this BLOG to discover the delicious, immunity boosting, depression busting smoothie that will help kick-start those gloomy January mornings. 

    Did you know that Reverse Life high strength marine collagen contains essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc plus Hyaluronic Acid to help you reach your New Year’s health and wellbeing goals even sooner.

    So the only thing that should be blue around here is the berries in our formula!