7 Simple Ways You Can Practise Self-Love

7 Simple Ways You Can Practise Self-Love

It’s so important that you love yourself. 

A wise person once said there’s a reason that self-love, self-respect and self-worth all start with the word “self”. Because quite frankly, you can’t find them in someone else. Park that thought!

Too stressed to feel blessed?

We get it! Life is hard. Your to-do list probably seems never ending. The cost of living is continually on the increase and you’re no doubt always putting your family and friends first. But we’ve got news for you! Self-love isn’t selfish. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it is essential. 

And no matter what self-love looks like to you, that’s OK! So it might not be all glitter bath bombs and Friday night face masks (although Reverse Life does sell a very pampering and hydrating collagen gold face mask). But fixing yourself your favourite brew, and kicking back on the sofa for a few hours to just indulge YOU, is very much Doctors orders! 

Go put the kettle on now!


We’ll wait for you before we dive in and reveal 7 simple ways you can practise self-love today.

Going back to basics with our 7 simple self-love tips

In no particular order (as they love to say on our favourite talent shows before revealing the results) we’ve listed out 7 essential ways you can practise more kindness, compassion and caring towards numero uno. 

Banging out the zzzz’s


Pay attention to the quality and not just the quantity of your sleep. A sleep hygiene routine is so important and that means detoxing from devices and winding down from bright light well before bedtime. Swap that late night insta-scroll for a bit of mindfulness and make sure your bedroom is a sleep inducing sanctuary, not a source of stimulation! You can read our BLOG: The Importance of Mindfulness, for more ideas on how to get MINDFUL in 2022!

It’s all about YOU


Normally it’s frowned upon to have a ME ME ME attitude but a little self-love never hurt nobody! Life is tough, and so are you, but sometimes you need to escape the mayhem and just say NO! Forget about those best laid plans. If you don’t feel like going out and you fancy a little “you-time” then you have permission to recharge your batteries.  We all feel so much better after a little time spent with me, myself and I!

Do something that makes your soul sing


Self-love starts with doing what you love. And don’t give us all that “I’m no good at anything”. That kind of negative self-talk helps no-one and can be damaging to that other self we discussed, your worth. 

If you spend time doing something you love, happiness will flow from you, your self-esteem will soar and you’ll be such joy for everyone to be around. 

So whether that’s unleashing your inner Beyonce by joining a local dance class, impressing your new Mexican neighbours with your command of Spanish or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, whatever you enjoy doing, do more of it. 

Quit the negative self-talk


We mentioned it above. We’re all guilty of being overly self-critical from time to time. The “I wish I was” syndrome. Whether that’s fitter, slimmer, richer, taller, it’s time to love yourself. Let’s put it another way. If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, then don’t say it to yourself. Be proud of who you are and go out and boss the day!

I like to move it, move it!


No gym membership needed. You don’t have to commit to getting super fit. But we challenge you to NOT feel better after you’ve moved your body. Exercise, of any kind, delivers that immediate feel-good factor. So once you’ve finished reading this blog, and put your cup in the kitchen sink, grab your coat and go blow away those cobwebs with a pootle around the block.

You are what you eat


High sugary snacks and energy drinks, boat loads of caffeine and biscuits! They might seem like the best way to get through the dreaded Monday blues but self-love starts from how we nourish ourselves. So stay hydrated, swap sweets for healthy treats with seeds and fruit and you guessed it, take your daily collagen!


Have a digital detox


OK, maybe not a digital detox but how about a little digital rewire instead? Constantly looking at other peoples heavily edited and filtered feeds might end up making you feel a bit MEH! So limit the amount of time you spend on social media each day and stick to accounts (including those of friends and family and not just brands, celebs and influencers) that motivate and uplift you.

But most of all, make sure you find time every day to feel good about yourself and to practise a little more self-love. Because we definitely think that you are worth it. 


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