30 day money-back guarantee is exclusive only to Reverse Life Collagen

1. To be eligible for the money-back guarantee, please contact us between day 21-30 of completing your first bottle of Reverse Life Marine Collagen 10,000mg.

2. Please provide a full and detailed explanation as to why you feel that the product did not work for you.

3. To confirm the product did not provide the results expected, and to be eligible for the money back guarantee, please email info@reverselife.co.uk including the message title ‘30-Day Guarantee’.

4. In the message, please include your order number. This will help to speed up processing your request.

Please note the following:

The money back guarantee is redeemable only ONCE per customer. You cannot return the item and make another order and repeat the process. The money back guarantee is not applicable on product deals which include a free bottle of marine collagen. It only applies to a single bottle of collagen. If you have purchased multiple bottles, you will not be refunded. The 30 day money back guarantee is strictly a one time, one bottle only offer for new customers. The 30-day money back guarantee period commences from the date of receipt of your delivery.
Please note that we do expect all customers to read the full list of ingredients prior to purchase to ensure that there is nothing contained in the formula that you have a known allergy towards or that might affect any prescribed medication you are currently taking. We recommend that you first check with your Doctor or consultant if you are taking any other medications.

Not liking the taste does not qualify as an acceptable reason for exercising the money-back guarantee.

1000’s of happy customers are already using Reverse Life Marine Collagen and loving their results.

Just look at our fantastic feedback scores. They speak for themselves about the high quality of our product and the importance of delivering exceptional levels of customer service.

Thanks to your support and feedback, we are continually improving our service. In fact, it’s due to your feedback, that we’ve updated and improved our no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty and support - The Reverse Life Team