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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

1000’s of people are using ‘Reverse life’ daily and are beyond ecstatic about the results.

Though we are fully confident you will love our collagen drink too we are still offering a ‘30 day money back guarantee’*



  1. To confirm the product did not provide the results expected, and to be eligible for the money back guarantee we ask;

Firstly, that you take daily videos to show your consumption, as the drink must be taken for 20 days straight to show the full affect.

Secondly, a weekly picture of your nails and face to be taken and provided.

  1. The money back guarantee is redeemable across each individual order, once per customer. You cannot return the item to make another order and repeat the process. 
  2. To claim your 30 Day Guarantee email with the Message title '30 Day Guarantee'. In the message please include your order number, images/video to prove you have used the drink 20 days a in row and weekly imagines of your nails/face. We will then discuss returning any items within the order and a refund.