Top 10 Tips To Manage Your Mental Health

Top 10 Tips To Manage Your Mental Health

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, and to keep the important conversation going, we’ve put together some simple hacks to help you gain back control when anxiety or overwhelm creeps into your day.

10 Top Tips For Good Mental Health

We all know it’s important to stay fit and healthy. To flood our bodies with good nutrition. And the fact that you’re reading this blog post, means you care about how you look and feel from the inside out. 

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But there are plenty of things that you can also do to help keep your mind, not just your body healthy. So read on to discover our top tips to keep yourself mentally healthy.

10 Ways To Manage Mental Wellbeing

Eat A Healthy Nutritious Diet

You are what you eat. Not just physically, but mentally too. Certain mineral deficiencies can lead to a low mood. So it’s essential to eat a balanced diet. Did you know that Reverse Life Marine Collagen also contains a host of essential vitamins and minerals, great for regulating hormones and balancing your mood. BUY NOW.

Activity And Exercise

Get more movement in your day and your body. Being active not only delivers a greater sense of achievement, it can also boost the production of happy chemicals in the brain.  Exercising has been positively proven to help reduce anxiety and stress and is also linked to living a longer life. Something that we positively support here at Reverse Life.

Get More Sunlight

You’re essentially like a house plant! You need sunlight and lots of water to grow and be happy. You also need plenty of Vitamin D. Vitamin D, of which sunlight is the main natural source, is essential for our bodies and brains, releasing feel-good happy vibes from endorphins and serotonin. Vitamin D can also be found in abundance in our Immune 52 multi-vitamin drink. Check out our latest deals HERE.

Do Something You Enjoy

Put the fun factor back into your life. A little bit of what you fancy does you good so whether that’s reading a book, watching your favourite Netflix series, or going for a walk with friends, take some time out to do what makes you feel happy.

Avoid Toxins Like Smoking, Sugar, and Spirits!

Fun at the time, but the 3 S’s above all have a toxic effect on the body and can cause withdrawal symptoms. This in turn heightens stress levels and impacts normal brain functioning. Not to mention, cigarettes and alcohol also leach collagen from the body, advancing the ageing process and leading to more pronounced lines and wrinkles. This will just add to any feelings of depression you might already have. Ditch the bad habits and replace them instead with a good one; like taking a daily shot of high strength marine collagen. 

Manage Your Stress Levels

Yes, easier said than done. Stress is unavoidable but knowing what triggers yours and putting coping mechanisms in place will help. Simple things like creating a daily to-do list will help you keep on top of a busy schedule. Journaling and writing down your thoughts can also be incredibly therapeutic. Or talk them out. A problem shared and all that. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is essential. It regulates the chemicals in our brains which manage our moods and emotions. If we don’t get enough regular sleep, we can become more anxious and depressed. So make sure you bang out the zzzz’s. You should be aiming for eight hours a night. 

Get Sociable

We don’t mean just liking and commenting on your friends instagram posts. Talk it out! Pick up the phone, check in on your friends, ask them how they’re really doing. You might just turn their day around and yours too. Did you know that research has found that just ten minutes of conversation can improve memory too?

Do Something To Help Someone Else

Kindness is free. We say, sprinkle that stuff around like confetti! Little random acts of kindness are just the best thing to give and to receive. Helping someone not only improves your self-esteem but it might just turn someone's day around.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

This is an important one. There is absolutely no shame in reaching out and asking for support. Even the most outwardly confident and charismatic people go through times when they are feeling low. No-one is happy 100% of the time. The important thing is to recognise when you are struggling and do something about it. Try speaking to friends and family, work colleagues or if you’re really concerned about your mental health, get in touch with your GP. Help and support is out there. So don’t be afraid to take it. 


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