The Top 6 Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

The Top 6 Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a super supplement to add to your diet! It comes as a powder, capsule or liquid which are incredibly easy to incorporate with your food and drink every day.

Green tea extract is beneficial for your body, both inside and out! Just 250-500mg per day can significantly decrease the risk of disease, improve your exercise performance, aid weight loss, and even turn back the clock on ageing by improving your skin health! 

So it should come as no surprise that when we were improving our Reverse Life high-strength marine collagen formula, our research and development team insisted that alongside the great berry taste we already had, green tea leaf extract should also be included to superboost this already powerful anti-ageing collagen supplement. The best just got better!


6 Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Green tea has a list of benefits as long as your arm! But for now, let’s go through the top 6:

1. High in antioxidants which prevent cancer

Antioxidants are molecules in your body which fight off harmful levels of compounds called free radicals. If left unchecked, high levels of free radicals can cause damage to your cells, leading to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Whilst your body produces its own antioxidants, it’s a good idea to top up your intake by eating fruit and vegetables which are high in vitamin E and C, and - you guessed it - supplementing your diet with green tea extract!

2. Can aid weight loss

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Green tea is wonderful for boosting your metabolism! It contains a combination of caffeine and catechins which help you to burn calories faster by regulating the hormones responsible for digestion and producing body heat: 

  1. Caffeine - a central nervous system stimulant which alleviates fatigue and improves alertness. It even suppresses appetite and temporarily reduces the desire to eat! 

  2. Catechins - antioxidant compounds which are thought to enhance exercise-induced fat loss, improve triglyceride levels, and prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

3. Improves your skin

Green tea extract is incredible for improving your skin, and can be combined easily with your skin routine. It can boost your overall skin health by balancing natural skin moisture, reducing inflammation and unclogging your pores.

When applied directly to the skin, it has been found to reduce red bumps caused by acne and it can soothe dermatitis, warts and rosacea. It even has the potential to reduce the risk of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers!

Not only this, but green tea extract can turn back the clock on the ageing process by increasing skin elasticity, helping your skin to appear smoother and more youthful! That’s why it's included in the latest Reverse Life marine collagen supplement drink. 

4. Regulates blood sugar and blood fat

Catechins found in green tea extract are thought to be instrumental in regulating blood sugar levels and increasing insulin sensitivity, thereby lowering blood sugar. These wonderful antioxidants not only help to decrease the risk of diabetes, but also reduce high blood pressure by inhibiting fat absorption in cells and decreasing blood fat levels!

5. Aids exercise performance and recovery

That all important magical combination of caffeine and catechins stimulates our metabolic system and improves exercise performance by keeping us alert and reducing our perceived exertion. It is particularly good at increasing endurance performance and endurance capacity, meaning you can exercise for longer and burn more calories!

It has been found that taking green tea extract as a pre-workout supplement can drastically improve your exercise performance, and have positive effects after strenuous exercise as it reduces the marker of muscle damage, thereby aiding muscle recovery.

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6. Simple to incorporate into your diet

It is recommended that you ingest 250-500mg of extract per day, which equates to around 3-5 cups of green tea. Adding this hugely beneficial supplement to your daily routine couldn’t be simpler! Green tea extract is available in liquid, power and capsule form, meaning you can add it to food and drink alike. It’s best to take green tea extract with food, so why not try adding it to your morning oats, or how about a tasty protein shake? Even better still, just reach for your Reverse Life high-strength collagen drink which contains 200mg of green tea per serving! So easy. So convenient. So tasty too.

It’s never too late to kick-start your healthier, happier lifestyle, and it is more simple than ever to pack a healthy punch into your daily routine.

It is even more beneficial to combine green tea extract with other amazing supplements such as vitamin C and collagen to improve your overall health! Check out our blog on Why Vitamin C Is So Effective. You can read it HERE.


This blog post was guest written by Holly Everett. Holly holds a BSc in Exercise and Sport Science along with an MA in Exercise and Sport Science: Coaching Studies. Look out for more great exercise and mobility tips from Holly coming to the Reverse Life blog.

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