Planning a Wedding. Everything you need to Glow!

Planning a Wedding. Everything you need to Glow!

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a mother of the bride, a bridesmaid or part of the wedding party, chances are you will want to look your best ahead of the special day. Wedding season is officially just around the corner, and as anyone who’s planned one already will know, it’s all about the preparations!

Wedding planning can be a complete nightmare. There’s so much to think about, from the venue to saying yes to the dress, the flowers, the menu and, of course, the guests! 

Wedding Planning To Do List

Then there’s your skin, hair, nails and lashes to think about. 

Even if you consider yourself to be low maintenance, there’s still so much preparation that goes into a wedding. You might feel like you need a task force to pull it off! 

There’s little wonder that so many couples hire a wedding planner these days. All that stress can also play havoc with your skin and well-being too. It’s not unusual for the stress to cause brides to lose hair either.

Wedding Day Hair Horror


The great news is that there is a natural solution that can help you get wedding ready without breaking the bank!

Before we discuss why and when it’s a good idea to start using collagen as part of your pre-wedding beauty regime, here are a few fun facts!

UK Wedding Facts and Statistics

  • The most popular time to get married is either 1 pm or 2 pm
  • According to statistics, there were 350,000 weddings in the UK in 2022
  • Hitched estimates the average cost of a UK wedding is £18,400 
  • £155 of that budget specifically goes on wedding hair and makeup. 

This shows you that a healthy head of hair and radiant skin is a major spending priority for brides-to-be.

The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Timeline; What to Do When

It’s a hotly googled subject. 

How do I prepare my skin before my wedding? 

Everyone from Vogue to Glamour and Byrdie has advised on the subject. 

Wedding Skincare Advise


Pre Wedding Skincare Essentials

Glamour recommends starting with regular facials six months out and considering injectables four months ahead of the big day, which they suggest is a good idea for both the bride and groom. 

Byrdie suggests you should take beauty vitamins and supplements eight months before the big day to ensure you have the shiny hair and glowing skin of your dreams on the big day. While four months before, it’s time to test out hair, makeup and nail artists for the day. They suggest getting Botox 2 months before so that any potential issues can be corrected in time! 

While Vogue once again advocates starting with injectables 6-12 months in advance and having your final top-up one month before the big day. 

They also highly recommend focusing on skin hydration, using products that replenish skin moisture for that gorgeous glow and a natural, dewy complexion. They recommend you focus on ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Vitamin C, and an SPF which support the skin’s natural barrier.

Collagen For Brides

How to Achieve Gorgeous Wedding Skin

Regardless of whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, gorgeous skin is definitely a must and will help your makeup artist focus on enhancing and accentuating (rather than disguising) your natural beauty.

Bridal Hair and Skincare


So far, it’s all sounding rather expensive,  invasive and also time-consuming - all to ensure that your skin, hair, nails and lashes are on point for that moment in the spotlight. 

But there are some important takeaways that everyone seems to be agreed upon. 

Hydration, a radiant, glowing complexion and gorgeous shiny hair are definitely part of the wedding essential wishlist.

Why Collagen Supplements Should Be Part Of Your Wedding Skincare Routine

One highly effective way to boost your bridal beauty routine is collagen supplementation. Taking a regular high-strength collagen liquid in the run-up to a wedding will increase skin’s natural collagen production, which will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing plumper, more glowing and dewier-looking skin and also strengthen and lengthen hair and nails. 

Oh yes, and for a fraction of the price, a course of injectables will set you back!

Reverse Life Collagen Helps You Get Wedding Ready

Collagen Wedding Day Skincare and Supplements

If you believe prevention is better than cure, then it’s never too early to focus on a good collagen skincare and supplementation routine. After all, our natural collagen levels begin to deplete as early as our 20s. So if you are planning on either getting married any time soon or you’ve been invited to a wedding this Summer and want to look your absolute best, then it’s time to focus on skin hydration to ensure that natural glow.

With 10,000mg of high-strength hydrolysed marine collagen alongside Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, there’s little wonder that so many brides turn to Reverse Life Original collagen to help them look and feel the very best when they walk down the aisle.

But What About Wedding Hair And Nails?

Did you know that collagen supplements are also widely used to improve the appearance of nails, hair and lashes too?

Gorgeous Wedding Hair Thanks To Collagen Supplements

Reverse Life’s latest MSM Collagen formula significantly helps to strengthen and support keratin production, which promotes healthier, stronger and more nourished hair and nails. So no more panicking about needing hair extensions on your big day!

If you do have your heart set on a glamorous Hollywood-style bouncy blow dry or you fancied a more bohemian fishtail side braid, thanks to collagen supplementation, you can have the hair of your dreams. That goes for the grooms out there too.

Collagen Beauty Benefits are Bride Approved!

Our very own Creative Director here at Reverse Life has bride approved the beauty benefits of taking collagen. 

In the run-up to her special day last year, she was far from happy with her hair, having frequently used extensions in the past. It was thin and brittle and getting her down. 

She turned to Reverse Life collagen and never looked back! 

She truly was a beautiful, glowing bride with the thick, shiny, beautiful bridal hair of her dreams. 

And another little pre-wedding skincare secret! Thanks to using our 24k Collagen Gold Eye and Face mask on the morning of the wedding, all her wedding party had plump and radiant skin too!


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