Our Founders Story - 3 million in 1 year all because he wanted to help his mum!

Mark Shepherd, Collagen Entrepeneur

SON’S LOVE RUNS SKIN DEEP! Entrepreneur makes £3million in just 1 YEAR, after inventing collagen drink to help with his mum’s arthritis.

Manchester based entrepreneur and Founder of Reverse Life has certainly made the most of lockdown. Mark Shephard decided to launch his “game-changing” collagen drink to ease his mum’s joint pain from arthritis. Not only did he help ease his mothers pain, he also gave the company a helping hand towards a stock market flotation.

Meet Mark Shephard. Mark is the Altrincham based entrepreneur behind Reverse Life high strength marine collagen. Since May 2020 he has helped the company to successfully turn over £3million. So when we claim that our product is tried, tested and trusted, it really is! By over 50,000 of YOU!


Reverse Life is a huge hit with local community

That's right, in just under one year, we’ve already recruited 50,000 new customers. But Mark is adamant that it’s not about the money. You’ll be pleased to hear that his inspiration lies much closer to home. His mum!

Mark credits Judith for his recent business success and also his family for being his inspiration.

Like many other men and women in the 70s, Judith suffers from painful rheumatoid arthritis and the bone disease, osteoporosis. It’s something that we come across all the time at Reverse Life. So many people already know about the skin, hair and nail benefits of collagen, but not so many are aware that it can help alleviate the pain of swollen joints. It's a huge advantage of our 10,000 mg high strength formula.

Mark wanted to try and help his Mum the natural way. So he set about researching various solutions. He came across an amazing discovery...marine collagen.

And the rest as they say, is history!


Mark Shephard pictured with his mum, Judith

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Mark said:

“I spoke to numerous specialists and doctors. All of them kept mentioning the same thing. That people over the age of 40 start losing collagen and this results in weakened skin and bones.”

Mark wanted to source a high-strength collagen formula to help his mum. After just a short time taking a capful of collagen daily, Judith reported back feeling better. So Mark started distributing bottles  to Judith's friends to see if the effects really were for real.  Everyone reported feeling better. It was then that Mark knew he was onto something potentially life-changing. 

People, just like you, have reported an improvement to their skin, hair, nails plus less joint pain and improved flexibility and mobility. There are so many positive benefits to be gained from taking just one daily capful of collagen.  

Working with his business partner, Chris Niebel, Mark launched Reverse Life and what initially started out as a son, wanting to help his mum, quickly turned into a thriving national business. 

Mark admits that lots of people were surprised, even skeptical, at his decision to launch a new business in the midst of a pandemic. 

Mark credits mum Judith as his inspiration

Speaking of his decision, Mark says

“I knew that I was providing something valuable to people struggling to get to see their doctor, or keep up with their usual visits to beauty salons and therapists. With shielding and lockdown in place, I realised it presented a massive opportunity.”

What is it about Reverse Life that makes it so special?

So many customers are already calling it a “magic formula”.

Reverse Life contains 10,000 mg of high-strength, premium hydrolysed marine collagen, which helps to strengthen skin, improve it’s radiance and elasticity and also reduce wrinkles. 

Two months after launching Reverse Life, Mark and Chris had already sold £100,000 of product. In May 2021they recorded their highest sales ever at just over £900,000 in one single month. That’s quite something for such a young company and goes to show that Reverse Life has a formula that really works.

For both Mark and Chris this business venture was never about the money. Both the entrepreneurs love to give back to their employees and the larger community. Mark goes on to say:

“I put everything back into the business, to incentivise staff and reward customer loyalty with amazing discounted product deals.”

Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength with global expansion on the horizon. Deals have already been agreed to launch Reverse Life into Australia, Germany and the USA. 

Reverse Life is more than just another successful beauty brand. It’s a company dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of all its customers. We’ll drink a collagen shot to that!

So if you are thinking of trying out collagen for the first time, stick with a brand that is Tried, Tested and Trusted but who also put family and community at the heart of everything they do. 

Reverse Life….it’s a way of LIFE!


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