Is Retinol Good for the Under Eyes?

Is Retinol Good for the Under Eyes?

If you’re someone who is interested in skincare, you’ve likely heard the scaremongering around what products can and can’t go on the under eyes. And not to sound like another broken record, but the skin under your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our faces.

As you can imagine, this revelation diminishes the number of products we can use to treat this area. 

So what is the best product for the eyes?

As a famously potent ingredient, Retinol is making waves in the skincare industry - especially as part of the anti-ageing discussion. But what is it? And is it really safe to use on the most sensitive part of the face? 

Read on for some real retinol education…

Retinol 10; Everything you need to know!

What is retinol?

Derived from Vitamin A, retinol can be used to treat a multitude of skincare concerns. Not to be confused with prescription retinoids, which are much more powerful, retinol is mostly used for anti-ageing as it is still one of the most powerful skincare products on the market.

How does retinol work?

Unlike most anti-ageing products, retinol does not remove dead skin cells but instead penetrates much deeper (to the dermis). Targeting something called ‘free radicals’, which are essentially unstable atoms that can cause skin damage and signs of ageing, retinol neutralises these. 

By doing this, retinol boosts elastin and collagen production - this leads to a plumping effect, helping to disguise and alleviate the signs of ageing.

Retinol Under the Eyes: Yes or No?

Is retinol safe to use on the under eyes?

Yes. Outdated ideas of retinol that stated the ingredient was too aggressive for the eye area have been re-evaluated and use on the eye area is encouraged by dermatologists. 

Retinol’s incredible anti-ageing power is great for the under eyes, which are susceptible to the first signs of ageing. There are also many retinol eye creams available on the market today, which is great as they are formulated specifically for use in this delicate area.

Can retinol help with stubborn fine lines under the eyes?


When we think of ageing signs, we instantly think of the fine lines or “crow’s feet” that occur around the eyes. This is due to the skin on this area being four times thinner than the rest of our faces. This in combination with collagen breakdown that occurs with ageing and as a result of environmental aggravators, only serves to worsen these wrinkles.

Retinol’s ability to increase collagen, elastin and cell turnover time leaves skin with a plumped result, which smoothes out these fine lines, leaving it looking firmer and younger.

Retinol Application; any rules?


How often should you apply retinol eye cream?

How often you should apply your retinol eye cream depends on the specific formulation. It is best to check the directions given. Due to its potency, retinol does not often need to be used daily, two to three times a week is the optimal amount.

When should I apply my retinol eye cream?

Retinol makes the skin much more sensitive to UV rays and can cause damage to the skin, but it can also render retinol useless. Retinol cream is best applied in the evening for optimal results.

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