4 Celebrities Who Swear By Our New Anti-ageing Reverse Life Collagen

4 Celebrities Who Swear By Our New Anti-ageing Reverse Life Collagen


Pick a celebrity. Any celebrity. Almost any choice you pick will have a devoted way of keeping themselves looking lush and healthy – and let’s be honest, we’ve all looked for that secret, haven't we? 

For some of us, there’s inevitably been a time where you've scavenged the embers of the internet to find what type of collagen tablets Jennifer Aniston takes, the range of anti-ageing supplements that Kate Hudson uses or the ingredients to Halle Berry's collagen smoothie.


 Halle Berry has been known for taking collagen supplements 


These methods can take militant commitment over too many years and this is how it keeps the famous, looking – famous. But with Reverse Life, an all-new pure collagen anti-ageing superpower has arrived to turn your face clock back in a matter of weeks, and it's not just the general public who have tapped into the Reverse Life craze.


Jennifer Aniston is a regular taker of collagen supplements


Kate Hudson is a regular taker of collagen supplements


Here are just a few celebrities that are shouting from the rooftops about our new creation.


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Peter Andre


Four-time award-winning singer/songwriter and television personality Peter Andre has been on our screens for just under 30 years, with his UK number 1 album, his biggest hit – Mysterious Girl, career in reality TV shows such as I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and as a presenter.


The TV star has certainly been getting close to our Reverse Life collagen as he embarks on his journey with taking our liquid supplement daily – and Peter is already dishing out the love for our product.


“I’m 47 years old and I feel great, but sometimes as I get older, I start to notice a few discrepancies,” said the singer. “You’re wanting your skin to feel better and your hair, too.



“All of those things are the reason why I thought I would try this (Reverse Life). I’ve heard people that have tried it for 3 or 4 weeks and they’ve told me its unbelievable, plus, I’ve seen the results!


“After three weeks, you notice your nails getting better, your hair, your skin and I’m definitely up for that. I’m on my fourth day using Reverse Life and I’m absolutely loving it.”


Reverse Life are proudly sponsoring Peter's return to reality TV in his new show Life with the Andres, which airs every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:30pm on The Sun's YouTube channel.


"I'm on my fourth day of using Reverse Life and it's flippin' awesome!"

Amy Childs


TV star, business woman and model Amy Childs is famously known for staring in the reality show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) between 2011 and 2012, and has since become a success in the world of business and presenting.


When the 29-year-old came across Reverse Life, the only way was up. Childs, like Peter, has kick-started her collagen journey and has since announced our product has been an absolute life-changer.


She said: “I've been using this Reverse Life product for five days now whilst I’ve been in lockdown, and honestly, this has changed my life!





“I can see such a difference in my skin, my hair, nails and it’s even great for anti-ageing. I would highly recommend it to anyone out there,


“It is the purest marine collagen that's available on the market and I just cannot believe how amazing the result are in such a short amount of time.”




Christine McGuinness


Business woman, TV personality and model Christine McGuinness is known for featuring in the Real Housewives of Cheshire, her gym wear venture Vibe, and marriage to Top Gear presenter and comedian Paddy McGuinness.


The 32-year-old mum of three, who is passionate about good health and well-being, is very excited about letting the Reverse Life Collagen, see the face – and she’s left her light on for the product.


“As many are aware, I take a genuine interest in health and well-being,” said McGuinness. “I’m passionate about how the way we feel on the inside, we have to look after ourselves more than ever.





“I’m really excited to start this journey with Reverse Life. It’s packed full of vitamins that I’ll need and an incredible 10,000mg of marine collagen per dose is unheard of in a product like this.


“I know the benefits are skin support, it helps your hair, nails and it also with your energy. With three young children, I need all the help I can get right now. I’ll be taking 25ml every morning, once a day. I’ve heard amazing stuff about this so I will let everyone know how I get on.”

Tanya Bardsley


Business woman, model and TV sensation Tanya Bardsley is a regular star of the show The Real Housewives of Cheshire and Author. The 39-year-old is also married to Premier League footballer Phil Bardsley.


Bardsley casts a keen eye on the world of health and fashion, and has come across the wonder of Reverse Life for her overall well-being. Being able to keep her skin plush is certainly something that Tanya is writing in the next chapter in her life. 


"I let myself into this little secret that I found on lockdown and it’s Reverse Life," said the reality TV star and model. "As you all know, we start losing collagen in our twenties.





"So this has the highest form of collagen in it - 10,000mg - so all I do is take a little capful (25mg) and take it once a day. I add it into my breakfast, it tastes like Berries and it’s gorgeous and I’ve been getting loads of compliments like ‘you’ve been going for facials’ and I actually haven’t!


"I’ve literally just been taking this Reverse Life. I have more energy and honestly, I just feel so much better and my eye lashes are shiny and my hair is shiny. Reverse Life - it’s amazing."


Just 25ml a day, can keep the wrinkles away… this could be life-changing for you.