Everything You Need to Know About MSM and Why It Works So Well with Collagen

Everything You Need to Know About MSM and Why It Works So Well with Collagen

As life expectancy rises around the world, so does the number of people suffering from age-related conditions. As a result, more people are seeking products that offer health benefits for their bones, muscles, joint function and even their skin!

Enter MSM… the saviour for all who suffer at the hands of life-limiting diseases that come with ageing. This incredible compound has many properties that aim to alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

And we know you’ve heard of collagen; a protein that has taken the world by storm in recent years, both as a supplement and an ingredient in many beauty products. But what does MSM do and what happens when you take it with collagen?

What is MSM?


Naturally occurring in humans and animals and most abundant in cow’s milk, methylsulfonylmethane (or MSM) is an organic, sulphur-containing compound. 

It is best known for helping to alleviate pain in joints and muscles with proven results against inflammation and antioxidant activity. But the potential of this miraculous chemical doesn’t stop there.

What can MSM do?


Although people are familiar with some of the beneficial uses of MSM, many people do not understand the full extent of its capabilities.

Joint Pain

MSM can help to ease joint pain. By inhibiting the breakdown of cartilage, slowing down joint degeneration and reducing inflammation, the lives of many can be significantly improved. By increasing joint mobility and easing pain, the symptoms of many diseases can be significantly alleviated.

MSM has been found to help sufferers of osteoarthritis too. When taken every day for a long period, the compound has been proven to treat stiffness in joints and improve function.

Post-Exercise Recovery

As most of us will know from personal experience, exhaustive exercise can play havoc with our muscles. Muscle soreness and pain are something that those who exercise regularly are all too familiar with. MSM has properties that can help.

As an anti-inflammatory, it can reduce inflammation as well as oxidative stress, which is something that prevents our muscles from detoxifying. Taking MSM regularly has been proven to increase antioxidant activity after high-intensity workouts and alleviate muscle pain after prolonged exercise such as marathons.


Allergic rhinitis, or as it is more commonly known, ‘hay fever’ is caused by allergens such as pollen, moulds and even animals. This causes inflammatory substances to be released and can lead to many of the unpleasant symptoms that we associate with hay fever such as sneezing, an itchy and runny nose, watery eyes and congestion.

MSM can inhibit the release of these inflammatory substances; cytokines and prostaglandins, in turn alleviating these irritating symptoms.

Skin, Hair and Nails

Not only can MSM work for pain and internal issues, but also the aesthetic stuff too! Everyone wants to have healthy skin and hair, but it isn’t always easy to maintain as our bodies age and our collagen decreases.

Keratin is an essential protein for healthy hair, skin and nails. As keratin is full of a sulphur-containing amino acid, sulphur donation from MSM to keratin can help to strengthen it and consequently, your skin and hair too.

Not only this, but the anti-inflammatory properties work in numerous ways to save your skin. Stubborn conditions such as rosacea and eczema are largely a result of inflammation, therefore MSM is great at reducing this, as well as providing the skin with hydration and reducing redness. 

Inflammation is also a leading cause of wrinkles and damage to the skin, so MSM is great for preventing premature ageing.

Mixing MSM with Collagen


Although you’re probably familiar with the benefits of taking collagen supplements already, here’s a quick summary on why this protein is loved and taken by so many…

Collagen boasts a plethora of advantages such as relieving joint pain and keeping the skin looking youthful.

Collagen can increase blood flow to the skin, and improve its elasticity. By giving your skin a plumping effect, it also reduces visible wrinkles! 

Acting as an antioxidant, collagen is also recommended to sufferers of arthritis. It is anti-inflammatory and helps to rebuild cartilage, as well as prevent its breakdown. 

Sounding familiar? That’s because MSM and collagen share many of the same benefits.

Why should I take MSM with collagen?

Whether you suffer from joint degeneration and want something to alleviate symptoms and prevent further damage or you’re after a supplement that can help you look 10 years younger - MSM and collagen are the answer.

As the ‘scaffolding’ of our bodies, collagen can help to prevent bone loss and joint degeneration, and with MSM’s powers as an extra helping hand, it is the ultimate combination. 

As they both have anti-inflammatory properties, MSM and collagen are great for rosacea and eczema as they reduce the discomfort as well as the appearance. And not only can they prevent premature ageing, but collagen’s ability to plump the skin can reduce existing signs, working simultaneously to maintain a youthful appearance.

Something that is also worth noting, is that MSM actually normalises the formation of collagen. Therefore, while taking your collagen supplement to reap the benefits, the MSM is helping to produce your natural collagen.

Taking a supplement with both MSM and collagen is the solution to an array of different problems. The combination is a recipe for a miracle, answering all of your health-related prayers.

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