Dodgy knees, creaking joints, painful feet and ankles? Could MSM supplementation deliver enhanced joint health?

Dodgy knees, creaking joints, painful feet and ankles? Could MSM supplementation deliver enhanced joint health?

According to a recent article in The Times, as many as 180,000 people in the UK are currently off work sick long-term because of lower limb issues.

There’s been a sharp increase in the past four years with foot and leg-related issues. NHS cutbacks are affecting services such as podiatry which leaves many people with dodgy knees and ankles facing what might be a debilitating and painful future. Even minor ailments, when they relate to the joints, can seriously impact not just your mobility, but the quality of your life. 


180k off sick in UK

So what’s the solution? 

Science-Backed Benefits of MSM Supplements

MSM, or to give it its full name Methylsulfonylmethane, is a sulphur-containing compound naturally occurring in humans, animals and plants. It’s also more recently become a popular dietary supplement, enjoyed for many benefits.

What does an MSM molecule look like?

In addition to helping treat a range of conditions from arthritis to skin rosacea, it’s widely used in the field of alternative medicine by people looking to relieve muscular aches and joint pains the natural way. 

There is evidence to suggest it may help reduce inflammation and boost immunity. 

So whether you work out regularly and want a supplement that will help relieve tired, sore muscles or you have hit that stage in your life where you’re neither as mobile nor pain-free as you’d like, could an MSM supplement be beneficial for you?

Let’s take a look at some of the science-backed health benefits of MSM.

Decreased joint pain = improved quality of life. 

MSM helps contribute to better quality of life

MSM is popularly used, in capsule, powder or liquid form, to help decrease joint and muscular pain caused by the natural degenerative process. This can particularly affect knees, hips, ankles, neck, hands and the back and have a negative impact on quality of life by affecting mobility and movement. 

Studies indicate that MSM helps inhibit cartilage breakdown, which is essential to protect bones in your joints and may help reduce inflammation.

Further evidence suggests that by taking a regular MSM supplement, lumbar stiffness and pain associated with general movement, are alleviated

Sports injury recovery = reduced muscle damage and stress.

MSM helps with faster sports recovery

If you work out regularly, whether you’re an athlete or just enjoy weight training and exercise, you’ll likely experience muscle soreness and pain. MSM has been found to reduce pain after prolonged exercise and significantly reduce exercise-induced muscle damage. Great news for those among you who like to train hard. 

Helps alleviate symptoms of arthritis = reduced pain and stiffness.

MSM helps reduce pain and stiffness of arthritis

Arthritis is a painful but incredibly common inflammatory condition resulting in reduced joint movement, stiffness and frequently debilitating pain. Studies have shown that taking a regular MSM supplement reduces pain and stiffness and also improves movement

Immunity boosting = help you stay healthier. 

MSM helps you stay healthier and boosts immunity

Stress, poor diet, lack of activity, seasonal colds and flu and other illnesses can strain the body and negatively impact the immune system. A compromised immune system struggles to fight off viruses and diseases effectively. The sulphur compound in MSM is thought to be essential in protecting immune system health. 

Improves skin and hair health = stronger keratin.

MSM helps improve skin and hair

We talk a lot around here about collagen but did you know that keratin is also a vital protein that acts as a critical structural component in healthy hair, skin and nails? Keratin contains high levels of sulphur-containing amino acids. Have you ever burnt your hair and noticed how it gives off a distinct sulphurous smell? That’s why! 

By acting as a sulphur donor to keratin, MSM is though to be beneficial in maintaining healthy skin and strengthening hair and nails (just like collagen does). It may also help reduce the signs of premature ageing, like wrinkles, by reducing the inflammation that can damage skin cells. MSM, when applied topically to the skin (in a gel, for example), was found to improve itching and redness associated with rosacea and improve overall hydration.

Can MSM and collagen be taken together?

Reverse Life Collagen MSM

The combination of MSM and collagen is a powerful and potent formula to maintain healthy hair, skin and nail growth and build healthy tissues to improve the overall appearance quickly. 

Adding MSM for enhanced joint health into our marine collagen formula makes Reverse Life’s Collagen MSM an excellent choice for even more people.

It’s highly suitable not just for people over 40 who are starting to think more carefully about healthy joint maintenance but also for athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle who enjoys regular exercise and is recovering from sports-related injuries and joint strains. With Hyaluronic Acid and 8000mg overall of collagen, it also contributes towards plumper and more radiant-looking skin, so it really is a winning formula. 


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