Collagen Supplements; Here’s Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Collagen Supplements; Here’s Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Gaining popularity in recent years, collagen supplements are now a much-loved part of many people’s self-care routine. But many of us are still in the dark on what it really does.

Playing an essential role in the integrity of our skin, bones and even our digestion, collagen has a myriad of benefits. It is especially popular in the beauty industry and is now associated with a youthful appearance and glowing skin. 

So how can we boost our collagen and what are collagen supplements? Check out this helpful collagen 101 for the answers to all of your burning questions and discover everything you need to know about collagen supplements in 2022.


What is Collagen?


Collagen makes up a third of the protein in the human body and is most commonly found in our skin, bones and connective tissues. 

It has many important functions but it mostly acts as a scaffold for our bodies. Making up the main components of our bones, muscles and cartilage, it makes them resilient and strong. A building needs strong foundations to make sure it stands the test of time and our bodies require a plentiful supply of collagen so that they remain healthy and robust.

What Causes Our Collagen to Drop?


Several factors can lead to a decrease in collagen levels. Exposure to many things that we experience in our day to day lives can play a part in it.

Sugary diets and inflammation triggering diets can lead to a drop in collagen levels. Hello Christmas over-indulgence! Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can do this too. Bring on those 2022 New Year's Resolutions and Dry January. Well done by the way if you’re giving it a go! Smoking decreases collagen levels as well as the oxygen delivered to our tissues and can lead to premature wrinkles. Basically, all the things that we know are bad for us, really are bad for us!

But ageing is the most significant factor that leads to the loss of collagen

Production reduces as we age and women may notice a significant change in their skin and hair post-menopause. Collagen production decreases 1-2% a year from an individual’s early 20s and by the time we’ve reached our 50s we’ve lost over half our natural collagen reserves.

Other contributors include overexposure to UV, stress and even genetics. It’s a ticking time bomb…you wouldn’t be alone if you felt that there was no solution to those wrinkles.

But the good news is, you really can boost your collagen and we’ll show you how.

How to Boost Collagen


Diet is extremely important for our overall health. This does not change when it comes to the boosting of collagen production.

Eating foods rich in Vitamin C is crucial for the synthesis of Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid is said to be able to boost collagen production in the human body. 

Foods such as kale, oranges, red peppers and broccoli are high in Vitamin C.

Protecting the skin from exposure to things that could damage it such as the sun, pollution or even dust can prevent a drop in collagen. Damaged skin requires repairs and this can only be done by using collagen. Cleansing and washing your face and body daily can protect the collagen in your skin too.

What About Supplements…

The purchase of collagen supplements has increased dramatically over the years, especially by those concerned about premature ageing. However, this isn’t the only reason people might supplement their collagen. 

There are two main types of collagen supplement that are a popular choice on the market today:

  • Hydrolysed Collagen - is a great collagen supplement as it has been broken down into smaller peptides, to be more easily dissolvable in our bodies. This way, supplements such as Reverse Life marine collagen can be easily absorbed.

  • Gelatin - one of the many materials that make up our muscle, skin and cartilage. Gelatin is made from collagen and is what is created when collagen is cooked. 


    Benefits of Collagen Supplements


    There are many benefits of ingesting collagen daily.

    Bones and Joints

    Individuals with osteoarthritis can benefit from taking collagen daily. Reverse Life marine collagen can help to promote better joint function by aiding in the regeneration of the tissue that covers bone joints. This allows them to move more smoothly and aid pain relief in cartilage.

    Beauty; Skin, Hair & Nails

    Reverse Life marine collagen peptides can help with making skin look smoother and firmer. It also boosts skin elasticity and allows skin cells to repair. We mentioned Hyaluronic acid above and the high-strength, advanced anti-ageing formula of Reverse Life is clinically proven to intensely hydrate skin from within. If you’re interested in the benefits of Hyaluronic acid then you’ll love this BLOG On How To Boost Skin Radiance

    For more information specifically on Reverse Life’s clinical trials and the results against skin ageing check out the CLINICAL TRIALS page. 

    Marine collagen improves the growth of hair and nails, making them healthier looking by allowing the repair of the dermis.


    There are a large number of amino acids in collagen including glycine, glutamine and proline. These can be beneficial to the stomach and intestinal tract by strengthening the gut lining. 

    In turn, collagen’s support of gut wall integrity lessens the loss of nutrients. This aids nutrient absorption.

    So far, it all sounds like good news for supplementing your diet with a high-strength collagen solution in 2022.

    Choosing The Best Collagen Supplement

    Call us biased, but if you’re looking for the best collagen supplement UK, Reverse Life marine collagen is an excellent option. With over 95,000 customers and 8,500 5-star customer reviews, we’re a tried, tested and trusted solution.

    That’s because our liquid collagen contains 10,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen. Only a cap of this collagen drink is required daily and is easily absorbed, to ensure that your body receives all of the benefits it provides. We even provide the perfectly measured cap for your convenience, so all you need to do is remember to head to the fridge each morning and take that daily shot! 

    To discover more about the many benefits of collagen, take a good look around the blog and don’t forget to check out today’s best collagen deals.