5 Secret Ways To Take Your Daily Marine Collagen

5 Secret Ways To Take Your Daily Marine Collagen


Okay, we're going to let you into something you may not know about. Reverse Life, the most popular marine collagen supplement in the UK has its own hacks.


The bottle tells you to take 25ml (one capful) per day, which is the correct dosage if it’s to have the maximum effect on ageing skin, nails, hair and joints... but we’ll let you into a secret. 

Although taking this supplement orally is mandatory, there are few creative ways that you can take a shot of Reverse Life.


It doesn’t have to be neat like a shot from the pub, so here’s our top 5 ways to get creative with your shots!



1. Add it to water



If you reach into your kitchen cupboard, you’ll no doubt find some sort of fruit flavoured cordial buried amongst the tea bags. Well, in the words of Donnie Brasco, forget about it!


You can add your capful of Reverse Life to your ordinary water. This is a fantastic and delicious replacement for your average juice drink. 

After all, compared to the leading brand of cordial, it has the same zero sugar, zero fat, the only and main difference being our pure marine collagen is giving you all of these health benefits after just a few weeks:


  • Softer glowing skin
  • Stronger and shinier hair
  • Tougher nails and growth
  • Helping aid joint or bone pains


This method is one of the most popular amongst our consumers, with some even 


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2. Add to your smoothie


The great thing about Reverse Life is its flavour. No, it’s not a sour lemon flavour sachet, or a citrus fruit that sends tears down the face. It’s just a simple but juicy berry flavour, and that means you can pour a shot into berry smoothies!

It enhances the flavour, making it more juicy, but whilst you receive the tarty taste through the straw or rim of the glass, remember all of those benefits you’re getting from just the capful alone! 


The next time you take out your blender with the fruit of your choice (although we recommend strawberries, raspberries and cherries!) add the purest marine collagen to your drink.

Step one: Add summer berries of your choice to a blender along with orange juice


Step two: Blend until smooth and pour into glass


Step three: Add Reverse Life Marine collagen and stir


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3. Add Reverse Life to shakes

Compared to smoothies, milkshakes are the more treat-based drink. Bearing in mind that shakes can be classed as a desert, you can still add your Reverse Life collagen to it! 


More often than not, a milkshake will contain ice cream, flavoured syrups to maximise the taste, but instead of sugary syrups, Reverse Life can act as a healthier replacement. 


Who would have thought, you can enjoy some naughtiness through a straw and balance it out with the purest marine collagen supplement on the market, which will still give you the same health benefits? Amazing! 



Step one: Add Strawberry ice cream, berries and milk to a blender along


Step two: Blend until smooth and pour into glass


Step three: Add Reverse Life Marine collagen (25ml) and stir.

Remember: These treats can be consumed in moderation and can be part of a balanced diet.


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4. Add Reverse Life to Lollies



Is there a better feeling than buying or opening an ice cream or lolly on a hot summer's day? You’d have to go far to beat it. 

You know that refreshing sensation when the sun is beaming, and in contrast, your lips touch the freezing glacier on a wooden stick that sends a shiver down your spine. 

A lot of these lollies and ice cream treats have sweetness from mountains of sugar and added flavourings, but what if we told you you can have healthy lollies that taste of berries? 

Using the same technique as adding Reverse Life to water, except pour the collagen-cured water into some ice lolly moulds and store them in the freezer!

So why not tuck into a lolly that helps improve your skin, hair, nails and joints, as well as giving you the hydration you’ll need. Yes, really!


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5. Add Reverse Life to your breakfast


The last of the top 5 is breakfast. The most important meal of the day can be started off the right way with our Reverse Life collagen in its normal capful format, but why not jazz up the mornings?

Instead of the same old capful, we recommend making some delicious and succulent overnight oats with a touch of our collagen in it for an enhanced sweet taste. 



Step 1: Add oats to a container of choice and pour in milk.


Step 2: Layer Greek yogurt, mixed fruit and berries.


Step 3: Add Reverse Life Marine Collagen (25ml)


Step 3: Refrigerate overnight and enjoy in the morning!

It’s not just refrigerated oatmeals that you can have Reverse Life with, why not pour 25ml of collagen over your pancakes and have a healthy berry-flavoured syrup topping. There’s so many creative ways to have Reverse Life and you may not have known! 

And do remember, you’re still getting the same 10,000mg of the purest marine collagen in any of these recipes. Whether you take it neat, or as part of these delicious methods, the benefits remain the same. 


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